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Performance themed Art Exhibition, The Garage, Norwich

October 25, 2016 @ 9:00 am - December 16, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

Sculpture Exhibition, Laure OM, The Garage, Norwich

The Garage’s inaugural art exhibition on the theme of performance features a number of local artists working across a range of media.

Aaron Scott Griffin

Aaron Scott Griffin is a recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts where he developed a broad practice encompassing printmaking, performance, video and sound works as well as creative and critical writing. Web

Laure Ollivier-Minns

Artist Laure Ollivier-Minns 'Refuge'

Artist Laure Ollivier-Minns ‘Refuge’

I am a Sculptor in figurative form with a passion for maternal understanding and 3D Curved design. I make structured garden sculptures in clay of female and abstract figurative form. French, with a touch of “je ne sais quoi”, I have respect for integrity, good design, art, sculpture, photography, travel and diversity.

For years I have enjoyed getting my hands into clay to form the figures that I have in my mind. My own, very individual style, is semi-abstract which I find visually fun and engaging. I tend to exaggerate shapes into voluptuous and curvy forms. I venture to give my figures extravagant poses, often in movement which may not be humanly possible, but which I find thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable. I especially like the relationship between sculpture and nature and I endeavor making a piece to be part of the scenery. My sculptures are designed to bring an element of tranquility and peace to a garden; an invitation where one can stop and ponder; a focus that brings cohesion to its surrounding elements.

Through my work in clay I attempt to bring focus on something that strikes a chord to the viewer and emanate a sense of comfort and connection. I take part in several exhibitions a year around Norfolk. Web

Annalise Taylor

Photographer Annalise Taylor 'Untitled'

Photographer Annalise Taylor ‘Untitled’

Annalise is a recent graduate from Falmouth University. She had become interested in nature of looking at art as well as the human form and anatomy during her studies. She spent a week working with dance students on a somatic and improvisation course where ideas continued through in her photographic work.

The book she has submitted with her images was created not long after the week experience questioning the ideas of photography, space and traces with the use of contact improvisation. The images in the exhibition are part of collaboration with Dance Students at Falmouth where they wanted to capture frozen moments of parts of their performances. Annalise was also asked to photograph the first student run dance show at the Poly in Falmouth capturing movements creatively.

The photography of dancers in motion was a commission, Annalise does not intend to sell her work, but is happy for people to contact her via email if they would like to purchase any of the pieces.

Al Mansfield

The Concept

Artist Al Mansfield

Artist Al Mansfield

To create a series of relief sculptures exploring and abstracting the body in ‘A Moment Of Balance’. A journey between meanings, Balance (Bal-uh-ns), noun: a state of equilibrium to Balance (Bal-uh-ns), verb: to arrange, adjust, or proportion the parts of.

The Journey

Initial image: A body in equilibrium, then the creative path begins with sketches. A puzzle of line and form waiting to be resolved.

The master carving

Once a balance of line and form has been achieved in sketch, the path of development continues in three dimensions. Form creates shadow, creates line.

The mould

A mould is then created using silicon rubber for very high detail, this mould is used to create the final casts.

The cast

Each artwork is a limited edition cast, each cast is individually finished and signed by the artist.


The Garage, Norwich
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